Actress, Anne was chosen to be the “Woman of the Year” at the “Precious Watch Award 2019” award ceremony!

Anne, Precious’s cover model and an actress
Anne, Precious’s cover model and an actress

The “Precious Watch Award 2019” ceremony was held on 2019 December 5th (Thursday) at a luxury hotel in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Anne, Precious’s cover model and an actress, was chosen to be the “Woman of the Year” by the readers of the luxury magazine “Precious”.

What is the “Precious Watch Award”?

From Left/ MEN’S Precious Editor-in-Chief: Naoto Sakai, Rugby Japan representative Pieter Lappies Labuschagné, Precious’s cover model Anne, Precious Editor-in-Chief: Yuko Takahashi

The “Precious Watch Award”, is given by “Precious and MEN’s Precious”, which is a collaboration of “Precious” – a magazine which makes women even more beautiful and happy – and “MEN’s Precious” – which is a magazine for men who pursue authentic luxury and know what they want – selects the most supreme watch for women and the most supreme watch for men out of all of the new lines of watches designed in 2019 and celebrates them.

The first “Precious Watch Award” debuted in “Precious” and “MEN’s Precious” in 2018 and it was well received.

2019 was the 15th anniversary of the magazine “Precious” and the award was given at an award ceremony and a party. Many invited guests attended the glamorous event including Rugby Japan representative Pieter "Lappies" Labuschagne, actress Anne, people involved in watch brands inside and outside of Japan, and readers of “Precious” and “MEN’s Precious”.

“A watch for working women is something that expresses our identity”

Anne and “Precious” Editor-in-Chief: Yuko Takahashi
Anne and “Precious” Editor-in-Chief: Yuko Takahashi

Anne commented at the award stage when she received the memorial trophy from Yuko Takahashi, an editor of “Precious”, “Thank you for such a wonderful award. I was so pleasantly surprised to be selected by the readers to receive this award. At first, I was planning to participate only as a presenter so I had never imagined that I would receive this award. However I feel honored that the readers of “Precious” chose me.”

To the question “You have earned overwhelming support from the readers. What does a watch mean to a working woman?” Anne replied, “a watch for working women is something that expresses our identity. Also even outside of fashion, I think it is extremely important to keep track of time.”

Anne’s most cherished time of day is “I have always cherished the time to cook meals even when I am extremely busy with filming shows. I think about what to cook for my family during break time and while moving from one place to another. I also try to eat warm food as much as possible.”


<List of Watches that Received the 2019 Precious Watch Award >

【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Prestige Watch】PATEK PHILIPPE|Ladies Automatic Nautilus Ref. 7118/1200A

PATEK PHILIPPE|Ladies Automatic Nautilus Ref. 7118/1200A

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【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Iconic Watch】CARTIER|Baignoire


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【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for High Jewellery Watch】BVLGARI|Serpenti Seduttori

BVLGARI|Serpenti Seduttori

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Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Complication Watch】VACHERON CONSTANTIN|Patrimony perpetual calendar ultra-thin

VACHERON CONSTANTIN|Patrimony perpetual calendar ultra-thin

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【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Luxury Sports Watch】CHANEL |J12


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【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Pair Watches】Breguet|Marine Lady 9518 & Marine 5517

Breguet|Marine Lady 9518 & Marine 5517

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【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Diamond Watch】HARRY WINSTON|HW Avenue C Mini Moon Phase

HARRY WINSTON|HW Avenue C Mini Moon Phase

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【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Mechanical Watch】Grand Seiko|Elegance Collection STGK006

Grand Seiko|Elegance Collection STGK006

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【Precious WATCH AWARD 2019 for Elegant Watch】DIOR|LA D DE DIOR SATINE


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The Judges of the Precious WATCH AWARD 2019

Kayoko Asai
Kayoko has created many impressive photos and has photographed numerous masterpieces since the first issue of “Precious”. She also photographs watches and jewelry.

Toko Amemiya
Freelance broadcaster and an essayist
After working as an announcer for TBS, she retired in 1999 and moved to France. She studied French and history of Western art. She moved to France again after working as a broadcaster at “News23”(TBS) from 2016 to 2019. She broadcasted a watch fair in Geneva and has a deep understanding of watches.

Hisano Inubashiri
She has styled actresses, announcers, and fashion magazines including “Precious”. She has an excellent aesthetic and a career of over 30 years.

Yu Sekiguchi
Editor-in-chief of 『HODINKEE Japan』
Yu Worked as an editor-in-chief of a watch magazine for 4 years and achieved number 1 sales of that magazine. In September 2019, Yu became the editor in chief of the online version of 『HODINKEE Japan』 the leading watch media in the world. It was launched in November and has received praise.

Koichi Namiki
Professor at Toin University of Yokohama and a watch journalist
He is a pioneer of watch journalism in Japan who continues to cover and research the “S.I.H.H.”(Salon international de la haute horlogerie) watch fair in Switzerland, Baselworld, etc. since the 1990s.  He also has written many books.

Keiko Homma
Watch and Jewelry journalist
She was a jewelry designer before becoming a Jewelry magazine editor. Since then, she has become a freelance editor and has written many feature articles mainly in Women’s magazines and newspapers. She presents at various universities and talk show events.

Kayo Okamura
Watch & Jewelry journalist
She boasts the longest career as a journalist covering Switzerland’s watch fairs. She is known for introducing and spreading the beauty of mechanical watches to women in Japan.

Eriko Nakamura
“Precious” Fashion Director
She is in charge of the Watch & Jewelry and the fashion pages of “Precious”. She was privileged with many opportunities to encounter valuable watches such as high jewelry watches and watches of luxury brand archives. She has interviewed many watch craftsmen in their workshops.

Translated :
Marina Yabuki-DiCorcia